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Why Centerline? It's not just the gear, it's the ear....

"It's not just the gear, it's the ear" is the philosophy that drives all our projects  here at Centerline Audio Visual. What does that mean? It is the mindset that church sound technology and the ancillary systems  such as video, lighting and control should only be thought of as a tool, or an instrument, to be used in communicating the creativity of an artist.
In other words, all the gadgetry involved in church sound and production systems today can do nothing without a creative human being attached to it. However, we also know that the quality of the church sound system can make or break the message the artist is trying to convey. For years, most designers have missed the mark on this account because they are typically technicians, and not artists. When a church sound and technology project is approached from both a creative perspective, as well as a technical perspective, the gadgetry disappears and the craft of the artist is illuminated to a whole new level.
Scott Oliver is the driving force behind that mindset at Centerline which brings a much-needed and very unique approach to the Pro AV community. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from 30 years of involvement in church sound, live music performance, studio production, session work, film & television composition and production, and as a systems design engineer. In other words, he has been, and is still very actively involved both on stage and off. 
He is a graduate of the prestigious Musicians Institute-GIT in Hollywood, CA where he studied under the worlds greatest musicians. His studio credits and experience include sessions at Goodnite L.A.Studios, Penguin Recording, and The Dream Center in Hollywood, CA. Live playing experience includes a laundry list of performances on the legendary stages of The Roxy Theater-Hollywood-CA, The World Famous Troubadour in Hollywood-CA, Saddleback Church, Mariners Church, Beach Cities Communtiy Church, Seabreeze Church, Long Hollow Baptist Church, and Faith Outreach Church just to name a few of hundreds. Scott has worked with names like Rick Founds (Lord I Lift Your Name on High), Dave Pettway, Aaron Gayden, Rick Munchow, Troy Kennedy, Nathan Watkins, Paul Chisenhall, Raymond Barrett, J. Lynn Duckett, and a whole lot more.
Scott is also the owner of Daddy-O Digital Music located in the Nashville, TN area offering music production, film scoring, voiceover,  and recording modernization services for major record labels and movie studios in  Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles..
One-size-fits-all simply will not work for today's church sound and AV clients because no two are alike. We know that very well. We endeavor to become your partner, not a director, but a "Partner" in the true sense of the word by by taking into account the needs of the creative people, and the technical people who will use these systems. Lastly, your future, and your budget drive the entire process from beginning to end....and beyond.
Ultimately, there will be a whole group of people who will use your systems and it's our job to make sure it fits all involved, perfectly......on all accounts.


Scott Oliver-Principal, Centerline Audio Visual

Scott Oliver-Principal Daddy-O Digital Music

Re-Birthday Movie.

Musical Score by J. Lynn Duckett and Scott Oliver

Title Theme Produced and Mixed by Scott Oliver

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