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Premium Designs Require Premium Brands...

One of the first things that will come up in any system design process is a lot of name-dropping of equipment. The great thing is, these days it really is hard to find anything manufactured for the pro a/v market that is sub-standard. Today's manufacturing processes are extremely refined, well thought-out, and accurate, therefore finding quality equipment is the easy part. The difficult part is the process of determining which brands, and which models to incorporate into your system design.
Proper engineering, and critical component performance evaluations play a large part in answering the question of  "what do we buy?". But, alas there is another element that often goes overlooked.....the proven reputation of the manufacturer or vendor, of the product in question. Will the manufacturer stand behind their product? This is extremely important for any buyer to consider, because once the equipment is purchased and installed, it ceases to belong to the manufacturer and becomes the buyer's to live with.
Sure a warranty is great for defects and failures, but what about as-advertised performance? What about the manufacturer's advanced replacement policy? What about their ability to maintain stock in the event of an emergency? What about parts availability? What about_____?(fill in the blank).
Over the years, we have learned that some manufacturers are great at taking care of their purchasers and others ain't worth didly-squat. As your representative, we do our best to be your biggest advocate should a problem arise. And, to be honest most manufacturers do a pretty good job of this. Most actually are excellent. But, there are a few that have produced some really big disappointments in times past and we don't forget very easily.  Needless to say, we will not recommend their products for consideration, regardless of the name, performance claims, or price.
We take great care and use a lot of caution before we are willing to "hang our hat" on a brand name, simply because we value Centerline's reputation way too much to have it soiled by someone else's failure, or refusal, to back their product. While we do represent lots of brands, those listed on this page are a few that have proven to be the best of breed, and we proudly and honestly display their moniker without reservation.
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