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Sensible Engineering.........

Proper engineering makes no allowances for guess-work,  varying opinions,  or personal preferences.... it only provides facts. It has been our experience that proper engineering always provides results that are 100% accurate, 100% of the time. Proper engineering  should be based on the laws of physics as well as  the needs of the end-user. It should not be based on the preferences of a designer, or a salesman. 
We do not provide what some affectionately refer to as “L.A.R.” designs….."Looks About Right". We  DO NOT recommend that you buy an L.A.R. system. We DO NOT recommend that you use a local  musical instrument retail store that has no engineering acumen; it’s a retail store. Their motivation is to sell you what is on the shelf first, or what they think you will buy. We Do NOT recommend you buy  anything until your engineering package is complete, and you have seen, and approved of the results yourself.
Additionally, we DO NOT recommend that you buy your equipment online and piece-mill your system yourself; unless of course you enjoy wasting money. It is our job to lead you in the right direction, and make sure you are not being led astray. The “Looks About Right” approach may be used with really great intentions, but it has been proven over and over, (and you may be a victim of the L.A.R. approach right now) that avoiding the engineering process is costly, and disappointing 100% of the time.
Lastly, our experience has shown that proper engineering results in way less equipment needed, and purchased, to get the job done in the MOST effective way possible. Proper engineering by a qualified company that has YOUR best interest at heart is what makes the most sense. With that in mind, Centerline Audio Visual is the sensible choice.


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