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Financing that makes sense......

Whether your organization is a house of worship, an entertainment venue, a restaurant, a recording or broadcast facility, or anyone else that uses production technology, cost is always an issue. Some are already well-funded, and others are only starting with a vision. We believe that nobody should be left with no option to go outside their own pool of resources to accomplish their goals.
Most of our clients are not even aware that there are multiple financing vehicles available to them, even in a difficult economy. The fact is, most banks will not lend for production technology systems unless you already have a nice, big account with them already that has a lot of zeros behind it.
For years, we have been working with multiple companies that provide leasing and financing packages for those that could not get it very sensible rates! Lastly, most AV design firms are not aware this is available for their clients. Not us! We have established great relationships with some of the leading companies that provide funding for production technologies. So, if you need funds for all, or even just part of your project, call us and we will connect you with those that can help! Lastly, we receive no commissions or monies from these companies in any way, we only offer this information as a value added service to our valued clients.
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