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First Baptist Church Goodlettsville, TN.....

......The world's first sanctuary fitted with Danley Jericho JH-90 Synergy Horns

The first Danley Sound Labs Jericho JH90 system to ever be used in a church sanctuary. Touted by more than just a few qualified people to be the best sounding, most evenly covered room in the world.   A lofty claim indeed, but after hearing it anyone who has experienced it understands why we make that claim. Designed by Scott Oliver using Danley Sound Labs' JH90 Jericho Horn cabinets as the only two speakers in the entire sanctuary, this system produces audio quality so stunningly accurate and musical, it actually sounds more like a giant recording studio control room than even the best sanctuary systems of other designs. Once again, using the idea that a church is NOT a "live sound" environment, it IS a "critical listening" environment, much like a studio control room. After spending many years in front of studio monitors, Scott was finally afforded the opportunity  to prove the theory that using as few speakers as possible in an environment was far superior than filling a room with multiple arrays, fill speakers, delay rings, and separate subwoofers. Jericho's are normally used in 70,000-seat stadiums. We put two in a 1000-seat sanctuary. Yes, when we revealed our plans to do this, everybody thought we were nuts....and we at times wondered if they were right, but solid engineering along with accurate prediction methods has yielded a system that is as perfect as the laws of physics will allow.
No matter what the volume level, it sounds exactly the same at every seat in the house, including the balcony. This design is a line array's (and most consultant's) worst Nightmare because it only uses two elements and actually does what a line array claims to do, but really is not capable of. Speaker installation took only 1 day, and the cost compared to the competition's line array offering was cut by two thirds. 

Danley Jericho flown with custom Diekhoff Company Pan/Tilt Rigging System using only two hang points.

"While the Jerichos work wonders in large stadiums, they also work well in smaller rooms with excellent fidelity. I have installed and tuned hundreds of audio systems, and I have never heard one that had coverage this even. It was the same everywhere you go. This type of tonality/coverage is what everybody 'hopes' to get (and claims to get)-but is VERY hard to achieve. Walking from the front to the back the sound simply does not change in level or tonality, and since they also provide plenty of chest thumping bass, there is no need for separate sub cabinets."

FBCG Ease Spin

 (No Sound)

First Baptist Goodlettsville, TN
1000 Seats
2 Danley Jericho JH90's, No Subs
Max Output: 151db
Operating Range: 47hz-18khz
Dynamic Range: 100db-Plus
All Business



Ivan Beaver-Lead Engineer, Danley Sound Labs....

From 1000 Seats to 5000 Seats​

One pair of Jerichos is all you need....really.

Danley Jericho Cabinets in stereo from the floor. Notice how the sound does not change regardless of the position.
Danley Jerichos from the balcony. Sounds the same as on the floor!
Middle Atlantic amplifier rack with remote sequencing with full thermal management housing Crest Pro-200 Series Amplifiers, Xilica XP4800 Processors, and an  Allen & Heath IDR64 connected to the sanctuary via a Whirlwind custom fanout. Dressed to perfection.
An Allen & Heath T-112 iLive Console was chosen to control the Jerichos. ​A clean and uncluttered workspace was the first order of business.
The DPA4099P Stereo Piano Microphone System was chosen for the First Baptist Goodletsville Grand Piano because it was the only piano microphone system that was up to the reference quality of the Danley Jericho system. Hearing the piano through the Jerichos with the 4099P system is nothing short of stunning.
Primacoustic Broadway Panels were used extensively throughout the sanctuary....and they look great too!
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