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Cornerstone Church-Bowling Green, KY

Turning a former US Postal Service Sorting Facility into a interesting challenge.
When the request for a system design was presented for Cornerstone Church's newest church plant, it was understood up front by all involved that compromises would have to be made. Anytime you take a facility that was originally designed to be commercial property and endeavor to convert it into a church you change what you can, and work around the rest. While the  building had very ample floor space for a sanctuary, offices, and classrooms, what it lacked was ceiling height....11' to be exact.  That's right...eleven feet from floor to ceiling. Considering that the stage would be 18" high, and with the typical human being around 6 feet tall, or just a tad under, there was obviously going to be sightline issues to the projection screens, a lack of ample triangulation with the stage lights (low hanging lights blaring in the faces of the praise band and pastor) and a very limited choice of speakers.
As with any audio system backbone we design, we always start at the speaker system first, and then work from there. Once a speaker has been proven to work in the environment using EASE predictions as our basis of fact, we can then choose amplifiers, processors, rack system, and power management devices. However, in a case like this with a very low ceiling, the possible speaker choices was narrowed way down. Since we have had a lot of great success with the Danley Sound Labs SH95 Synergy Horn, we started our EASE predictions with it. Low and behold, that was the one right out of the to speak.
Four Danley SH95's and two TH-Mini subwoofers were chosen and placed in such a way that two stereo images were created in the room. Contrary to what a lot of designers are doing nowadays (usually always mono) we always choose to implement stereo designs wherever and whenever possible. As with this Cornerstone Church, we were able to create two complete stereo systems. Stereo ALWAYS sounds bigger, deeper, and more realistic. Especially with synth patches, and effects. And with the TH-Minis it thumps hard wnough to alert the apartment building next door there's church going on, so come on over!
SH95 Synergy Horn
TH-Mini Subwoofer
Even though we have designed hundreds of systems, we know that without EASE predictions, there is simply no way to know for sure which speakers to use, or where to hang them with total confidence. Fortunately, in this situation with the super low ceiling, the Danley SH95's were the perfect choice. How do we know? The prediction sets produced in EASE confirms it. No only does the client know before they write the check that they are buying the right product, we know precisely where to hang them and aim them so the sanctuary will behave in real life just like it does in the model. Perfection!
An Allen & Heath iLive T-80 and IDR32 mixing system was chosen for it's small footprint, great-sounding ML5000 mic preamps, ease of use, and wide range of in-th-box capabilities.
Sanyo projectors, and Da-Lite screens create an incredible video experience.
A simple lighting system consisting of 16 Chauvet Colorado LED fixtures were chosen for simplicity, effectiveness, low power usage, and cost.
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