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Creating an Experience.....

These days, venues such as churches, theaters, and concert halls will be well-suited in grasping the concept that they are not just ​having a worship service, show production, or live music event, they are creating an "experience" for their attendees. This experience will either be long-remembered or quickly-forgotten based on the impact of the experience left on the attendees afterwards. The sights, the sounds, and the delivery of what's being presented are all highly dependent on the systems used to support the production. If the systems in place at the time of the production are just lack-luster, then the experience will suffer. If the systems are all of superb quality, are well thought out, and integrate well not only with each other and the venue, but also with the users, then the producion will have a much greater chance of success, and the experience will be elevated to a level of greater impact.
Many times, we find clients feel they need to call different companies in order to find a specialist in one field or another. In the past, this was acceptable, because  sound was separate from video, lighting was separate from audio...and so on and so forth. However, today's various systems (more than ever before) function better and are way more effective if they are integrated into one complete system. In a lot of cases if these systems are not designed in synergy with one another, serious deficiencies will occur in the look, feel, and function of the overall project. Things like sightlines to the video screens need to be unobstructed by speaker systems. Lighting fixtures need to be placed in such a way that they don't wash out video screens, and audio systems need to be integrated properly with the video system. Lastly control systems should be integrated with the audio, video, lighting and climate systems.
Contracting with multiple companies to handle the individual designs may look like a great idea on the surface, BUT, when it comes time to integrate all these systems together who's gonna drive the bus? Quite frankly, this approach has proven over and over to be a huge train wreck. Inevitably, something is going to clash, something will be missed, or something will make the systems difficult to use.
Ultimately, it is most important to remember two things....The first is that none of this technology will function without a human being attached to it. The second is that the human being attached to it will be you! And after all the dust has settled, and the smoke has cleared, and all those different company's crews have packed up and gone home, you are the one who has to live with the final outcome. The more people involved with the design and creation of the systems, the greater the chance for error. We know this all too well, as we have been in the middle of it ourselves too many times. Fact is, it just doesn't work. So, whether you are doing a complete system, or an upgrade to an existing system, let us guide and direct you towards solutions that make sense for now, and for the future. Let us help you create an experience that will keep people talking week after week after week.

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