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Dall Lane Recording.........


...How to turn a Tuffshed into a recording studio for very little money, and not disturb the neighbors regardless of what the clock says!

So, you wanna record and produce music but have no bonus room or basement in your house to put your studio gear? Never fear, we have the solution. First you start with a Tuffshed prefab building, and then let Centerline AV do the buildout! We start with a custom designed Tuffshed or other prefab or existing structure and convert it to be sonically and functionally suitable for music production.
Our techniques are proven to be functional, comfortable, and most of all darned-near sound proof. We say darned-near because if you want it to be completely sound proof it will no longer be affordable. But, our construction methods incorporate most of the same methods commercial studios use, so the results are pretty amazing.
The studio you see here has the ability to have a drummer playing at full-bore without being heard once you are 10 feet from the building. We basically build a room within a room within a room. Then we sonically treat it so that it sounds right both inside and out. There is nothing quite like a dedicated space for producing music, especially if it's in your own back yard. If you are a songwriter, producer, or musician in need of your own space, call us to get it started!
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