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Danley Vs. Meyer Shootout

In the summer of 2012 we had the opportunity to shootout a single Danley Jericho JH90 against a Meyer Mina Line Array. While the Jericho EASILY pounded the Mina into sawdust both sonically, and in terms of sheer SPL, we felt the most amazing thing about the Jericho is that it did what the Line Array was supposed to do but better, and did it without any finger lobes. But don;t take our word for it, listen for yourself! We put pink noise through both, and walked center axis of both separately with a Zoom Q3 stereo XY Audio/Video the entire length of a gymnasium. As you listen to the Meyer rig, you will hear 6 lobes. As you walk the Danley, you will hear none. Once again, Point-Source beats Line-Array hands down.

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