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Authorized Danley Sound Labs Dealer

In a world of Me-Too audio system designs where the term "Line-Array" is thrown around like it's the holy grail of speaker designs, we for 8 years now have featured Danley Sound Labs point-source products in 99% of our designs.  The fact is, we really do wish line-arrays were all they are advertised to be simply because we could make a whole lot more money. But, at the end of the day sound quality is way more important to us than money ever will be. Why? Because our reputation

is what keeps us in business. Quite frankly, if there were a better product than Danley Sound Labs, we would be using it...regardless of what it cost. The bonus is you the customer get an incredible better sounding system that costs about 1/3 that of a line-array system. If you don't believe us, ask one of our customers!  We will gladly provide you with referrals!

Certified Jericho Dealer

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