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To hear is human, to mix is devine....


Whether you are buying a completely new system, upgrading an existing system, or have already completed a project the issue of training will obviously be brought to the forefront at some point or another.  As with any endeavor, education is key to utilizing your systems to the fullest. We offer complete training services for all types of systems be it audio, video, lighting, recording, or control. Based on our experience, we know that skill set of the user will only end up being as good as the instructor. That's another area where we at Centerline stand above our competitors. We bring an incredible wealth of knowledge to your tech staff, and offer not only the technical know-how to get your operators up to speed on the function of your systems, but also on the creative aspects as well. In addition, we can also offer training for your praise band members as well!


Before you even think about spending money on training, do yourslf a favor and read the article at the picture link below!!!!















Training modules offered:

  • Audio System Operation

  • Creative Mixing

  • Recording

  • Lighting

  • Video System Operation

  • Praise Band Interaction

  • Music Theory

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